Making Kunjani wines

At Kunjani we take a slightly different approach to most things, including winemaking. In addition to the vineyards on our own Devon Valley property, we seek out the areas where our favourite cultivars do best and we personally select the best vineyards to source our grapes. We also believe that the person transforming the grapes into Kunjani Wines is as important as the location of the vineyards, and we’ve built up relationships with leading winemakers who specialise in particular cultivars. Each brings their own particular magic to our wines.

These special places and special people bring our vision for Kunjani Wines to fruition – to make fine wines to accompany good food with good friends, to celebrate the good life.

Kunjani overlooks the Devon Valley in the Bottelary Hills of Stellenbosch, South Africa’s premier wine-growing area, and we favour this area for our red wines. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and our award-winning Shiraz are all sourced from the Kunjani farm and carry the Devon Valley Wine of Origin label.

South African Chenin Blanc is considered amongst the best in the world, especially when made from older vines, and we source our Chenin Blanc from 38-year-old bushvines in our neighbouring Bottelary Hills area. Some 40km south of our inland location, the mountainous but ocean-influenced cool-climate terroir of the Elgin Valley is producing some of South Africa’s most distinctive white wines, and this is where we source the grapes for our Sauvignon Blanc and Stolen Chicken Rosé.