A Stylish, New Look Reflects Kunjani’s True Character

A gesture that symbolises a greeting between friends and a simple yet clear message on a wine label that invites people to enjoy the good life! This is what Kunjani Wines wishes to convey to all and sundry with their newly designed and updated wine labels.

“At Kunjani we are all about greeting guests with a warm welcome, and the hands on the label represent a greeting between friends. Kunjani means ‘Hi, how are you?’ and that is exactly how friendships start,” says Pia Watermeyer, Kunjani’s co-owner.

Kunjani Wines is a new boutique winery high up on the Bottelary Hills outside Stellenbosch where good food, fine wine and luxurious accommodation combine to truly reflect the good life … and the true character of this spectacular place where love and passion are reflected in every creation.

Kunjani opened its doors in November 2017 and quickly became a favourite among gastronomes and wine lovers alike, as well as people who come to experience its luxurious villas with their spectacular views.

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5 Minutes with Kunjani’s Head Chef, Lamek Mnisi

lamek interview

  1. Apart from the most beautiful season of the year, Spring, what was the inspiration behind your new menu for this season?

Vibrant colours! I thoroughly enjoy creating dishes that are colourful and representative of Spring. I am very fortunate to have an edible flower garden a few steps away from the kitchen, so our dishes this season will be colourful with a visually appealing “Hello Spring” welcome.  This is the perfect time to show off the beautiful colours that are popping up all around us. 

  1. What can guests expect from Kunjani’s menu when visiting for the first time?

A burst of fresh flavours and only locally sourced seasonal produce. Each of our dishes were also created with our range of wines in mind, so we’ve taken out the guess work and made it really simple for guests to enjoy the appropriate wine with any of our dishes.  Most importantly, I want guests to leave having tasted authentic African flavours. Dukkah, Rooibos, Springbok and Chakalaka flavours are combined with elements of spring such as asparagus, strawberries, coconut and passionfruit to create wholesome food with seasonal freshness.Continue reading