The story of a cross continental wine

Paul Barth & Pia WatermeyerPaul Barth grew up between his father’s Riesling vines in Germany’s beautiful Rheingau region. Over the past decades he has established his own building business, but in more recent years he has been dreaming of his own winery in South Africa – now his home.

Paul met Pia Watermeyer by chance at a mutual friend’s wedding. It was an instant connection, despite Pauls very limited command of the English language. Pia, a successful businesswoman in her own right, was not easily won over by this charming German. It took months of Paul getting friends to type messages in English to this enchanting woman. Pia’s zest for life and infectious energy soon turned Pauls second home, South Africa, into his first.

Paul and Pia’s love for wine and people soon lead them to looking for the perfect farm to call home. After Pia has seen the Kunjani property and adjacent vineyards, she knew it was the right fit. Paul, however needed a little more persuading. After a visited to the property and a walk in his now beloved vineyard, he knew this was the right property.

After two years of planning and building, our tasting room and restaurant now greet you as you drive up Blumberg drive - a magnificent and striking building that is the perfect representation of Pauls German precision and Pia’s South African soulfulness.